Hallux Malleus (Bent-Down Big Toe)

Hallux malleolus is a deformity of the big toe. The joint of the big toe becomes bent downward. Like a hammertoe the deformity is caused by and imbalance of the muscles that cause the big toe to flex and extend. The deformity is flexible initially but becomes rigid over time. Pain associated with hallux malleolus is commonly due to friction. Because the big toe is bent downward skin irritation can occur at the tip of the toe or at the top of the big toe joint where it rubs on the shoe. This excessive pressure can result in the joint of the big toe becoming inflamed.

Conservative treatment of hallux malleolus should focus on limiting further progression of the deformity. One of the most common causes of hallux malleolus is over pronation which is associated with flat feet. Ortho-Dynamic Orthotics are very effective in limiting the amount of pronation of the foot and will help maintain balance of the muscles that flex and extend the toe. Extra depth shoe gear can help prevent irritation of the top of the joint of the big toe. Footsupplystore.com carries a wide selection of extra depth shoe gear. Pressure can also be reduced to the top of the joint of the big toe with Foam Tubular Sleeves.

Pressure at the tip of the big toe as a result of a hallux malleolus deformity is difficult to manage. There is a limited amount of fat to cushion the tip of the big toe. The combination of lack of cushioning and increased pressure due to the deformity results in skin irritation, a thickened painful corn or in more severe cases ulceration of the skin. To protect the tip of the toe from friction and pressure we recommend All Gel Toe Caps. The toe cap is made of polymer gel to cushion the tip of the toe.