Achilles Tendon Pain

Footsupplystore has various products designed to help reduces the symptoms associated with pain of the Achilles tendon. The most common is Tendonitis of the Achilles tendon (Achilles tendonitis). This is pain along a cord like structure just above the back part of the heel. The pain results from inflammation about the Achilles tendon. The inflammation can be cause by overuse acitivity or straining the Achilles tendon resulting in inflammation of the Achilles tendon which results in pain. The achilles can also be inherently tight, resulting in an Equinus deformity, or tightness about the ankle. This may result in a decrease in the ability of the ankle to extend. People may appear to have a "bounce" type gait. Products that can be found to aid in alleviating symptoms associated with these type of ailments may include: heel lifts, heel cushions, various insoles or pre-molded orthotics (By Ortho-Dynamic). Cam walker boots may be used (under the care of a podiatrist or orthopedist) to alleviate pain in the Achilles to immobilize the tendon thereby allowing the tendon to rest and heal.