Ankle Sprain

A sprain is an injury to a ligament. A ligament connects one bone to another and provides stability about a joint. An ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments about the ankle are forced beyond their normal position. The severity of an ankle sprain is dependent on the amount of injury to the ligament and how many ligaments are involved.

Treatment will consist of rest, ice, elevation and compression. Anti-inflammatory medications are often used to decrease pain and inflammation. Immobilization is used to limit motion of the ligaments and promote healing in a more anatomically correct position. For mild sprains an ankle brace may be used for immobilization. Ankle braces may be made out of canvas, nylon, elastic, or neoprene. carries a varity of ankle brace by Ossur, Bioskin and Ovation. For moderate spains a rigid plastic stirrup can be applied. We carry both foam and pneumatic ankle stirrups by Ovation Medical. In more severe sprains a remvable boot know as a cam walker is used. carries high and low top standard and pneumatic cam walkers by Ovation Medical.

Once the ligaments have healed physical therapy is recommended to strengthen the ankle. A flexible brace may be recommended for protection against re-injury when participating in high impact sports in the future.