Sesamoiditis (Inflammed Bone)

The sesamoid bones are found at the bottom of the great toe joint. These bones help the big toe function during push off when running and walking. As a result the sesamoid bones absorb a lot of stress especially in high impact exercise and can easily become inflamed. Inflammation of these bones is know as sesamoiditis. Pain and swelling on the bottom of the great toe joint are common symptoms of sesamoiditis.

The goal of treatment of sesamoiditis is the decrease inflammation of the sesamoid bones. This can be achieved with rest, ice, and elevation. Removing excessive stress on the bones is essential. Foam or silicone padding can be used to remove pressure from the area. Innersoles can also be used to decrease the amount of pressure on the bottom of the great toe joint. In severe cases a Cam Walker or surgical shoe can be used to distribute weight more evenly throughout the foot. For long term relief a rigid orthotic or steel innersole can be used. To decrease stress on the great toe joint a shoe or sneaker with a rocker sole or balance bar is effective.