Toe Problems

Pain in the toes can be the result of injury, inflammation, or deformity of skin, soft tissue or bone of the toe.  Some common toe problems include; corns, ingrown toenails, fungal nails, hammertoes, bunions, and sprained or fractured toes. Certain diseases such as diabetes and arthritis can also result in pain in the toes. 14 of the 26 bones in each foot are located in the toes. Because the toes are so important in walking and balance carries a variety of products to protect and care for them.

To cushion and protect hammertoes and the corns associated with them we carry a variety of foam and silicone toecaps, sleeves, and separators. For painful bunions we have bunion separators, splints and spreaders.

For proper care of toenails we recommend the gSource 5” nail nipper. To treat fungal toenails we recommend Clarus Antifungal Solution. To soften diseased nails and make them more manageable Kera Nail Gel can help. To protect and beautify healthy nails we recommend the Podiatrist formulated Dr.’s Remedy nail polish line.

Sprained and broken toes can be quite debilitating. has a variety of products to immobilize the toes and provide compression. Our Digital Fracture Tape Kit has everything you need to strap/splint fractured or injured toes. We also have Co-Flex self-adherent wrap to provide light compression to an injured toe.

To protect the foot and remove pressure from an injured toe we recommend a Post operative shoe by Ovation. Shoes with a wide and deep toe box help prevent irritation in individuals with deformities of the toe. offers a large selection shoes and sneakers with a variety of widths, sizes and styles specifically designed to address foot ailments.