Ankle Impingement

Ankle impingement is characterized by pain in the front of the ankle joint. The upward motion of the ankle joint is limited by either bone or soft tissue. The symptoms are most noticeable when the ankle joint has to move all the way upward like when walking up a hill. The condition is often a result of one or more injuries to the ankle joint. Abnormal foot function present in individuals with flat or high arch feet may contribute to the development of the condition. carries a variety of Innersoles by Scott and Orthotics by Ortho-Dynamics that can help manage these foot conditions.

Treatment of impingement resulting from soft tissue is designed to decrease inflammation initially and then restore upward motion of the ankle joint. carries a variety of Ankle Braces by Ossure, Bioskin and Ovation which will aid in limitation of motion of the ankle joint and help reduce pain and inflammation. Once inflammation has been reduced upward motion needs to be restored. Stretching exercises are required to achieve this. A good adjunct to a stretching program is a dorsiflexion night splint. carries several Dorsiflexion Night Splints by Ovation which will provide a passive stretch upward to the ankle joint.

For individuals who have a bony impingement of the ankle joint and motion can not be restored a heel lift can be used to help alleviate symptoms. carries foam and silicone Heel Lifts by Scott which will lift the heel of the foot in the shoe decreasing the amount of impingement at the ankle joint.