Exostosis (Bony Bump)

An exostosis or bony bump or bone spur is a bony growth on the outside of a bone. Bone growths are common in the feet and develop in response to abnormal pressure and stress being placed on a bone. A bony growth can develop in response to excessive pressure being placed on a joint. A bony growth will develop and limit motion of the joint. This is common in the middle of the foot and can result in shoe irritation. To decrease stress on the joint orthotics or innersoles can be utilized. Footsupplystore.com carries several models of orthotics to provide additional support to a joint. Should a bony bump already exist an extra depth shoe can be used. Footsupplystore.com has a wide selection of extra depth shoes to accommodate abnormal growths of bone on the foot.

Bony spur or exostosis can also develop due to excessive tension and inflammation of connective tissue such as tendons, ligaments and fascia. Chronic inflammation of the fascia on the bottom of the foot commonly know as plantar fasciitis can be associated with development of a heel spur. Irritation of the bone on the back of the heel due to shoe irritation can also result in a bony bump. This is commonly called a pump bump.

Bony bumps or exostosis does not require treatment unless they are causing pain. When bone spurs develop on the toes silicon or foam padding is effective in reducing inflammation associated with shoe irritation. An extra depth shoe can also reduce irritation due to bony spurs of the toes. For heel spurs either in the back or bottom of the heel heel cups or orthotics are often beneficial. Footsupplystore.com carries multiple types of foam and silicon padding that can remove irritation associated with bone spurs. In addition footsupplystore.com carries a variety of orthotics and shoes to decrease abnormal pressure being placed on a bone.