Leg Pain

The term shin splints refer to pain along the shinbone or tibia, which is located in the front of your lower leg. Pain develops due to excessive stress being placed on the tissue that attaches you muscles to the bone. Shin splints are common in runners but can also occur in high impact sports like basketball, tennis, and dance. Shin splints can occur after a sudden increase in your exercise routine. Running or playing sports on a hard surface can also cause shin splints to develop. Individuals with flat feet or rigid high arches are more prone to the condition.

Shin splints can be treated successfully with rest, ice, and modifying the intensity of you exercise routine. Exercising on a soft surface will decrease stress on the shin bone. When this is not an option we recommend using a product that will improve shock absorption such as Massaging Heel Cushions or Dual Power Sport Insoles by Scott.

For those individuals suffering from shin splints due to flat feet we recommend the Shin-Sprinter Orthotics by Ortho Dynamics. Swelling of the lower leg is commonly associated with shin splints. Ultima Calf Sleeves by Bioskin provide compression of the area and can help reduce pain and swelling. Lastly supportive shoe gear specific to the sport you participate in is essential in the prevention and management of shin splints. Footsupplystore.com has a wide variety of styles to choose from and provide excellent shock absorption and support.