Blisters are raised fluid filled area of the skin. They can occur anywhere and are due to friction and excessive moisture. The goal of treatment is to reduce friction and moisture of the foot.

Moisture due to external causes must be handled by choosing appropriate shoe gear. has a wide selection of waterproof shoes in all sizes. Excessive sweating of the feet can be treated with proper foot hygiene and the use of antiperspirants. We recommend Onox Foot Solution and EverDry Astringent Spray for Excessive Perspiraton.

The easiest way to manage friction is to make sure your shoes fit. Proper length and width is essential to prevent irritation. Synthetic running socks work well at wicking moisture away from the feet. Double layer socks also work well in wicking moisture and decreasing friction because the friction occurs between the layers of sock and not your skin. Foam and silicone pads can be used on areas prone to developing a blister. Auto adhesive gel squares can also be used on "hot spots".

If you followed all the precautions and still got a blister leave it alone. The fluid is sterile. Pad it off with adhesive foam U pads. If the blister is painful seek medical attention for treatment.

If you are diabetic, have impaired circulation or are immune compromised and see a blister go to your doctor or nearest ER immediately.