U-shaped cushion pads

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U-shaped cushion pads

  • Self adhesive 1/8 inch thick U-shaped foam pad
  • U-shaped design surrounds the area of irritation, providing extra padding around the painful area
  • Helps to reduce friction and irritation
  • Protect sore spots from pressure
  • Aides in Pressure Redistribution & Pain Reduction
  • Prevent callus build-up
  • Makes shoes more comfortable
  • Cushion is used to help reduce pressure and protect painful areas of the foot caused by friction, calluses, blisters, bunions, warts, inflamed joints in ball of foot and bony prominences on the foot or back of heel
  • Pad is self adhesive and placed directly on dry skin
  • Can be worn in all styles of footwear

*Place opening of pad in the center, where point of pain is located, cusion should surround this area

Made in USA

*Do not use if diabetic, have loss of sensation or open wounds on the skin present, without consulting your doctor
*Discontinue use if irritation, discomfort, or any problems result from the use of this product. Immediately contact your doctor


12 pads per package

12 pads per package