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SCARCARE™ Gel Pad Kit by Blaine Labs

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Our SCARCARE Gel-Pad Kit is a patented, FDA-approved scar reduction silicone gel matrix guaranteed to flatten and fade scars of all ages. In addition, our 0.5 ounce E-Sil vitamin E solution is included to provide scar treatment when the gel-pad is not being used

Provides superior occlusion, compression, and hydration to flatten and fade hypertrophic, keloid, and hyperpigmented scars of any age

Medical-grade silicone gel matrix sheet with Vitamin E

What is the active ingredient and what effect does it have?
  • ScarCare Gel-Pad Kit does not contain an active ingredient. Our ScarCare Gel-Pad Kit is a patented & FDA approved scar reduction silicone gel matrix guaranteed to fade and flatten scars of all ages.
How do I use the product? How often?
  • Wash the scar with soap and water and allow to dry fully. Cut the silicone gel pad so it fits the scar with about .5 inches excess around the scar. Pads are reusable and can be cleaned with soap and warm water. When gel-pad is not being used, our E-Sil vitamin E solution is provided for extra 24-hour treatment.

What should I be aware of using this product?

  • External use only.
One (1) gel-pad, One (1) 0.5 ounce E-Sil vitamin E solution