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Metal Shoe Horn 16" 2 pack by Vive Health

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Feel comfortable easily slipping on any style of footwear with the long stainless steel shoe horn. Great for seniors, men, and women; the strong shoehorn measures 16.5” in length to minimize bending and twisting. The smooth rounded edges allow any style of shoe to slide on without damaging the shoe heel or snagging socks or hosiery. Durably constructed of stainless steel, the shoe horn features a curved handle capped with a soft leather sleeve for a comfortable grip.


Easily Put On Footwear
Easily slide shoes on or off with the long stainless steel shoe horn. Measuring 16.5” in length, the shoe horn minimizes the need to bend and twist to put on your shoes. Great for men, women, seniors and the elderly, the gently curved base smoothly guides the heel into any athletic shoe, dress shoe, boot or ski boot.

Classic Leather Grip Handle
Wrapped in a classic brown leather sleeve, the shoe horn has a curved handle for a comfortable and secure grip.

Durable Stainless Steel Construction
Measuring 16.5” in length, the strong stainless steel shoe horn will not bend or rust.

Smooth Finish Extends Shoe Life
Each edge of the shoehorn has a smooth, polished finish to prevent snags and tears in socks and hosiery. The regular use of a shoe horn extends the life of any shoe by preventing the heel from collapsing, or bulging.


Uses: For aiding in putting on or removing shoe

Dimensions: 1.5” W 16.50” L

Materials: Stainless steel, Genuine leather

How To Use:

Slide the foot partially into the shoe.

Insert it at the back of the shoe.

Slide heel into the shoe and pull shoehorn out of the shoe