Men's No. 68 Slide Sandal Olive By Anodyne

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The perfect slide for outdoor activities, the No. 68 slide features a premium suede upper with a hook-and-loop closure for the perfect adjustable fit.

For: Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain/Heel Spurs, Foot soreness, Flat Feet, and Pronation/Supination
Use: Walking, Active Lifestyle
  • Removable Footbed – Can be removed and replaced with off-the-shelf or custom manufactured options
  • Adjustable Closures – Multiple closures allow for maximal adjustment and fit customization
  • Shock Absorbing Base – Specialized, ergonomic foam blend helps to relieve pain in high pressure areas
  • Anatomical Arch Support – Provides full-contact support of both medial and lateral aspects of the foot
  • Raised Toe Bar – Encourages a natural gripping motion and stimulates circulation
  • Wide Toe Box – Allows for natural movement, promoting balance and stability throughout the foot
  • Deep Heel Cup – Cradles the heel to reduce over-pronation and provide proper ankle alignment
  • Premium Suede Upper – Breathable, luxurious suede effortlessly conforms to the shape the foot
  • Protective Outsole – Provides structure and durability necessary for any walking surface
  • Upper: Premium Suede
  • Closure: Hook & Loop
  • Weight: 10 oz