HICKIES Original Tie - Free Laces Neon Yellow

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Meet A New Icon

HICKIES the only lace designed to keep you moving.

Hickies Material

HICKIES laces are strong and flexible for a custom fit that's unlike any other pair of laces you've ever tried. The only laces designed to keep you moving. 

Minutes to install, hours of never having to deal with shoelaces again.


Lace it

Pull The threading tip through your shoe's eyelets one strap at a time. 


Step 2

Link It

Tuck the threading tip into the lacing channel and pull the fastening loop over the clasp.


Step 3

Lock It

No double knots, no bunny ears - that's it, you're done. Just make sure the HICKIES logo faces your shoe - no you.

Colors Also Availible In: Black, White, Navy