Turf Toe (Injured Big Toe Joint)

Turf toe is an injury to the soft tissues around the great toe joint. The injury occurs when the great toe is bent backward too far. This can result in the capsule that holds the big toe joint together to tear. This is a common in sports that require rapid changes in direction like soccer. The injury is especially common on artificial turf fields.

Turf toe is an acute injury and typically results in immediate pain and swelling of the great toe joint. Some individuals will feel or hear a pop which is the tearing of the joint capsule. Depending on the severity of the injury the big toe may not be able to move.

The goal of treatment is to allow healing of the soft tissue. Initial treatment involves rest, ice and elevation. Immobilization of the great toe joint will allow the capsule to heal. Immobilization can be achieved with a surgical shoe or Cam Walker. Future treatment will include a spring steel insole or rigid orthotic. We also carry several brands of shoes and sneakers that have additional stabiltiy and rigid soles to protect the great toe joint in the future.