Fracture/Bruised Toe

A fractured or broken toe should not be ignored.  The idea that there is nothing to do for a fractured toe is wrong. Digital fractures are most often the result of direct trauma to the toe. Pain, swelling and bruising are the most common presenting symptoms. Treatment of a digital fracture is dependent upon the severity of the injury and which toe is involved. A fracture of the big toe can result in more complications than the lesser toes. X-rays are necessary in order to determine the extent of the injury.

Treatment is dependent upon which digit is involved and whether the bone fragments are in proper alignment. If the fragments are not in alignment anesthesia or in some cases surgery may be required. For simple fractures in good position immobilization alone is all that is required.

There are several types of immobilization used in the treatment of digital fractures. A buddy splint dressing is common used in the management of a digital fracture. The fractured toe is tapped to an uninjured toe which acts as a splint. carries a prepackaged kit to make the application of a buddy splint easy.

For additional immobilization a surgical shoe is often used. A surgical or post operative shoe has an open toe and stiff sole to support the broken toe. carries surgical shoes from several manufactures and in several styles.

In case where surgery or anesthesia was necessary to align the toe or in cases of a fracture of the great toe a high or low top cam walker may be used. carries a variety of Cam Walkers in multiple colors which can be used to effectively immobilize a digital fracture.