Sever's Disease (Growing Pains)

Sever's disease, also known as, calcaneal apophysitis is a common cause of heel pain in children. The growth plate of the heel becomes inflamed due to repetitive stress.  Such stress typically occurs from high impact sports played on hard surfaces. Although any child can get Sever's disease it is more common in children with a tight Achilles tendon or who have flat feet or high arches. Childhood obesity is also a cause of Sever's disease.

The goal of treatment is to decrease stress on the growth plate. This can be accomplished by reducing or eliminating participation in sports.  In children with a tight Achilles tendon stretching exercises essential. In addition to Achilles stretching exercises a Dorsiflexion Night Splint can be used. Heel cushions can be helpful in improving shock absorption. In children with flat feet or very high arches Orthotics will provide additional support of the heel. In severe cases of Sever's disease the foot may have to be immobilized to allow the growth plate the heal. This can be accomplished with a Cam Walker.