Sinus Tarsi Syndrome (Ache-type pain)

The sinus tarsi is a cavity located between the talus and calcaneus and contains a ligamentous complex which helps control the stability of the rear foot. Sinus tarsi syndrome occurs when this ligamentous complex is injured. Sinus tarsi syndrome typically presents as pain on the outside of the foot just in front of the ankle. Instability is of the foot can be present especially on uneven surfaces. The most common cause of sinus tarsi syndrome is one or more ankle sprains. The condition is also commonly seen in individuals with flat feet.

Treatment of sinus tarsi syndrome involves rest, ice, elevation and immobilization. Immobilization can be achieved with a Cam Walker by Ovation. To prevent future injury an ankle brace such as the Gameday Ankle Brace or Form Fit Ankle Brace with Velcro straps can be utilized. In individuals with flat feet it is important to correct the biomechanical abnormality. This can be accomplished with an orthotic made by Orthodynamics.